About Weber Ranch

Ranch History

In 1973, Charles Weber and his partners were searching for ranch land in the Texas Hill Country. What they discovered was 500 acres in Bandera County, two miles outside Medina, Texas.

Eventually an affiliation was made with the previous owner Mr. Hugh Porter, whom had ranched at the location for 25 years. After a ten year tenure the partnership was dissolved and Mr. Weber kept 240 of the 500 acres that included 1500 feet of river frontage on the West prong of the Medina River. In the 40 plus year history of Weber Ranch, the ranch has raised cattle, goats, along with other animals.

Recreation also plays a huge role on the ranch and host deer hunting, fishing, swimming, butterfly watching, hiking, bicycle riding, fossil hunting, stargazing, plus other activities that can be shared and enjoyed by the entire family. It has gained notoriety for being one of the premiere sites for everything outdoors with some of the best RV sites and vacationing cabins in the area.

The Weber family wants to share the beauty of the property with others who share the same values of outdoors and family as they do. Come be apart of our history.